Friday, May 28, 2010

Clear my eyes it's the morning after
Did I fall in love, or did I find disaster?
Take a second just to breathe
I pick my heart up off my sleeve

There she goes and I know she knows
By the way she eased out on her tippy toes
Skip the breakfast, tea for two
We made no plans to rendeavous

Someone for everyone but no one for me
Constantly searching for the love I need to

Build my world around, around
I'll be the lonely one until I find someone
The one I build my world around, around
So bring the arms of love until I find the one
The one I build my world...

Lazy days, I'm in a hazy phase
Of watching countless ways in which my life goes crazy
Foolishness to blame
Still it pains me all the same, yea

Empty faces with empty gazes
In a race of change I'm losing faith in my pace
Trying to keep my feet before I fall

I'm on this endless road with nothing to see
Constantly searching for the love I need to
Build my world around, around

A cornerstone of honesty
A foundation of gravity and freedom
A clear and concrete understanding
A love that's best kept safe and sound

It's amazing how we fear we may be
It's from ourselves we so often run
Abandon fear and consequence of heartbreak
Expose the truth and give yourself to love

We've all been set up to be disappointed
We have to crawl before we learn to fly
It's a blur that moves right into focus
Removes the doubt, aligns your heart and mine

(Build My World - JC Chasez)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The 4 letters...No! The negative one!

Di sebuah mall di bilangan Jakarta Selatan...

R : dia bukannya baik ya?
D : kata siapa?
R : Gue kan pernah kenal dia.
D : oh ya? Kapan?
R : dulu sering ke toko gue kok, orangnya diem, dan sensitif ya?
D : huh? Sangat berbeda dengan sosok yg gue kenal.
R : hati-hati...nanti jadi kebalikannya loh, biasanya kan begitu...
D : igh! Jangan sampe!

(Kalimat tidak seratus persen copy-an dari percakapan yg sebenernya, yg penting intinya dapet kan? Inisial nama disamarkan demi kelangsungan hidup orang banyak.)

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