Friday, May 27, 2005

so so day!

My tummy is feelin funny...maybe bcoz I had an instant noodle for breakfast, ran out of bread again huhu. Mr Lee's class was okay. Total for our study hour, we're only got 1 shift, instead of 2 shifts. It was all because of he told us story about his new book that now you probably can see it on Gramedia or other stores, telling about magic or sumthin. muka tomat *ahahah...I used to meet him for showing those arabic bracelets, but damnly he wasn't @ campus, and the poor thing was Gita, Wiwit and Wiwit Ibu left me alone @ the basement with so much hate feeling bcoz suddenly, coincidencely, and shockingly, we saw someone that is SOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOTTT IMPORTAAAAAAAANTTTTT!! But thank god, saved by Botel...he laughed about what I'm afraid of after I told him that I met that n'est pas beau!

So, it's been a quite so so day for me today, but not fosho...coz tonite I'm going to have a dinner @ Brasserie with my whole big family! Can't wait to be there soon :D

Sunday, May 22, 2005

I had a blast week!

yah! Gue ngerasa minggu ini bener2 cepeeeeeeeeet banget! Mungkin karena too much works to do (again!). Ngga kerasa hari ini udah hari minggu lagi! Meskipun I'm having a long weekend rite now (iya, libur sampe rabu bo!), tapi yah..many day offs = many assignments!

Seminggu ini ngga ada yang berarti banget buat gue hehe, ya gimana ngga...nilai2 gue jeblok semua!! Gue sedihhhhhhh banget. Ngerasa sih blom maksimal ngerjain ujiannya...tapi how bizarre!! Ujian yang gue ngerasa gue bisa, eh malah dapet nilai jelek, dan ujian yang gue pesimis dapet nilai bagus malah dapet nilai yang memuaskan! Selain itu minggu ini Cuma ada assignments2 dan bab2 baru yang menurut gue, gue harus bekerja keras untuk dapet nilai bagus di final nanti!

Oh iya, minggu kemaren Ang Ti ulang tahun. Acaranya di Hang Tuah, dan theme nya Garden Party! Dekornya baguss banget! Meskipun malem2 dan di dalem ruangan, tapi suasananya bener2 di taman gitu, ada replikanya Eiffle Tower pulak, dan dress code nya juga santai, om2 pada pake kemeja lengan pendek dan tante2 sama sepupu2 pake dress yang nuansanya bunga. Makanannya banyaaaaaak banget. Perut gue sebenernya dol, tapi akhirnya merasa kenyang juga hahah. Dan Ang Ti dapet surprise yang bener2 surprise banget dari tante2 dan om2...DELON NYANYI DI PARTYNYA!! Hahaha, ibu2 pada heboh gitu dan ngga terkecuali sama om2 dan sepupu2 gue juga sih. Sumpah rame abis, pada maju ke depan panggung, took pics with their cellphones...dan gue hanya berdiri di belakang sambil makan sushi heheh.

Monday, May 9, 2005

The unbelievably Worst Week!

Last Monday and Tuesday were the last midtest I had, scientific writing and French, and they were soooooo daaaaaaamnnn harrrrrrrddddd!! French was the worst midtest I ever had , it wasn't because I didn't studied the day before but the fact is I DID LEARNT IT...FOR TWO DAYS! It was all because of...THE QUESTIONS ARE UNBELIEVABLY NOT UNDERSTANDABLE! Believe it or not...after I got off from the class, and my friends asked me to eat, my answer was "No! I'm not hungry". I was too stressed so I lost my appetite. I even answered the sms from a friend of mine by saying "Hah? Apaan? Bisa lebih Spesifik lagi ngga? Gue lagi Bt neh!" hehehe...sorry yah Gie..

Ok, enough of talking about the miserable midterm. Last Thursday I had a meeting with my big family, discussed about my cousins' marriage. Since there are 4 cousins who wanna get married on this year, 5 months in a row (WHEW!), so I had this meeting from 11 until 4, and my shirt was wet bcoz you know...The weather on these days is UNBELIVABLY HOT! It was raining but still hot, dunno why. And at 4, we're planning to go out for a movie. Me, My sis, Mbak Shinta, Mbak Yo and Mbak Yenny then gone to Pelangi (a.k.a Plaza Semanggi f.y.i ), have a dinner and walked around searching for cute watches. I got a new sandal with heels hehe, a kewl ring and also earings hehe. When we're waiting for David (Mbak Yo's future husband hehe...Si Bule Gila! Hahah...duh jadi inget Bule yang gue liat di JIS, pas nonton Pippin, No! Not the main character! He's SOOOOOOO CUUUUUTEEEEE! Sayangnya berondong yah!!), I wasn't sure about the next day plan I have, coz I felt that I wasn't well (gara kena gerimis juga pas nungguin mobil kayaknya sih), and afraid that I couldn't go to the MTV VJ HUNT Finale.

Yep! What I had afraid of was night I had an UNBELIVABLY TERRIBLE COLD & FLU! On Friday Morning, I was too sick and I decided not to come to Mr. Lee's class. I just had my breakfast, took some pills and sleep again until around 12. I rang Wiwit, and told her about for that night plan, and then I rang Riko and told him that I was so sorry coz I couldn't go to JHCC for that night. After that I had my lunch and took my pills again, and took a nap. Oh yeah! Before that, I got a message from my friend Burik about Sindrow's birthday, so I rang her first and then my mom, and then I took a nap. 5 o'clock I felt much more better, I ate again, watched Full House, suddenly I dozed off. When I woke up, It was around 7, and I was shocked when I checked my cellphone, I got 1 message and 2 miss calls from Adit. Hiaaahiahai...I was totally forgot to inform him that I couldn't come to JHCC!

Saturday morning, I felt very good coz I had spent so much time on my bed, taking a rest hehe. I supposed to have a French class at 11.20, but when I got there, my friend yelled to me from across the street..."PERANCIS NGGA ADA!" HUH??? It was UNBELIVABLY THE BEGINNING OF MY BAD DAY! Yep! Coz when I got home, My Mom and Dad were sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo urghhhhhhhhhhhh!!! *I can't describe what was my feeling at that time. They don't want me to sleep on Ibis Hotel where Sindy's birthday took place. So, I told them "terserah sih mau jemput, pokoknya jemputnya abis pulang dari Bearland! Di Slipi!" Since I knew that Slipi is far from Jatinegara, so it gave me a bit happy coz I know they would pick me up very late hehe.

Nope, my thought was wrong...they picked me at 12, when I was waiting for the room service to come! DAMN! And the saddest part was...they told me about many bad things on me with an angry tone on the way home from Semanggi to ears were UNBELIVABLY STIFF!!!!!! I hate when they’re always saying, "We're always right", but in fact they are always told me about something that is farrrrrrr beyoooooondd from the reality! THEY'RE NOT ALWAYS RITE! Oh, they're also told me about something that they think that I'm stupid or something so I have to know it, but in fact I ALREADY KNOW IT, AND I'M NOT STUPID! I hate that! And f.y.i. I still hate them! Specially my dad who always has a bad thinking about me! And always ask or tell me with a high tone...I'M NOT DEAF!!!!!!!!!!! Cuih, SUMATRANESE! That's why I don't want to get marry with Sumatranese, they're soo damn temperamental!

Oh iya...ulang tahun Sindy...It was fun! Thanks Sindy! Happy Birthady Againn!! Muach muachh! Doh! Nonton film horror...Phone (Korean) and I forgot the other one, is it Shutter? Or Sutter? Well anyway itu tuh film Thailand, and it was UNBELIVABLY HORROR!!!!! Kita ber 14 orang ada kaliy, teriak2 mlulu di kamar hahaha...takut digedor2 kamar sebelah juga sih...but it was totally fun! Meskipun gue ngga ikut nginep siyh...hiks hiks...

Oh iya!! Ada Gosip...waktu ke Citos (janjian sama Kania di situ sebelum ke Ibis)...ketemu sama beberapa orang, dan pokoknya salah satunya bilang ke gue "iya, makanya...jadiin lagi ajah!" sambil ngeliat ke salah seorang lagiy, gara2 mukanya jd jerawatan ditinggal pergi huauhahuhua...siapa yawww...huahau ah udah ah :p