Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sensitif nya dirikuh....

I'm too sensitive...hari ini aja udah nangis dua kali. I blame "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" on E! and Night Time Story on UFM for this haha....

Actually, I'm not a big fan of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians", but today's story was soooo romantic! Robert Kardashian at last has a GF, and she's one of the casts on Cheetah Girls and also was a member of 3LW, named Adrianne Bailon. Adrianne confessed to the big sisters of Kardashians about her feeling to Robert, and she said that she's so in love with him and she would love him till death! *Danggggggg baby!!* And so does Robert, he feels the same about Adrianne...they even made a tattoo about their names. I Like this couple a bunch FYI! Suddenly Adrianne has to take a shot in India for three months, it made Robert sad...he cried when he dropped Adrianne at the airport! And so was I...I couldn't stop my tears! I can't stand to see a man crying because of love and moreover, the scenes about them was so sweet!

The other one that has succesfuly made me cry was about today's topic on Night Time Story : "Kalau kamu dilamar, bayangan kamu kayak gimana sih pas dilamar?" Like usually, I always text messaged the announcer if the topic is interesting;

Kalo gw, gw pinginnya yang gak kepikiran sama gw pas dilamar. Kayak abis pulang nonton konser, pas lagi jalan ke mobil...we're holding hands, tiba2 dia nyanyi lagu soundtracknya Juno, "Anyone Else But You"...suddenly, dia berhenti di depan gw, trus ngelamar gw on his bended knees, with a ring! And everybody is watching us! That would be sooo romantic!
When Aryo, the announcer read my msg, I smiled so big! And after he made a comment about my story, he played the song Anyone Else But You by The Moldy Peaches....and I cried once more...HORAYYY FOR ME!!! This is what I called a good cry :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Present Life

Status? Still the same...single fighter! Have I told you before that I cut my hair? Yes I did... it's kinda a bad habit for me when I'm feeling sad and angry about someone, I get someone (not the same someone of course! that would be hell!) to cut my hair :p. Gak gara2 itu doank sih...saking stressnya gw sama kerjaan juga (jadi double kan...make it triple anyway...coz my mom keep asking me about getting married!!), akhirnya rambut gw jadi rontok2 menggila!

Lagi sibuk banget sama urusan kerjaan. Pinginnya sih resign, cuma gw mikir juga...itu sekolah bakal kayak apaan kalo gw ngga ada?!?! Bukannya gw sombong apa bagaimana...tapi buseeeeeeeeet...kerjaan gw udah lebih dari sekedar ngajar deh skarang, adaaa aja urusan selain ngajar tapi tetep dari sekolah gw urusannya. Naik gaji udah...tapi tetep aja gak sebanding haha...nasib nasib...

So anyway, love life career is also suck. My life is such a mess. Bokkk gw sakit udah hampir dua minggu ngga sembuh2! Ngga dapet ide melulu nih buat ngelanjutin bikin buku akhirnya. But oh well..."life goes on" what did Leann Rimes say, and yes indeed "Life is like a roller coaster" (for this one is said by Ronan Keating....that hunky guy..WAS..hehe). Damn I think I get another quarter-life's syndrome attack!

Apa gw ke biro jodoh aja ya...sapa tau kalo gw dapet jodoh terus hidup gw akan membaik?!?! Hahaha...who knows?!?!?



-me so sad...knowing that there's no the second season for TRAVELER...the tv show is cancelled!!!"-