Friday, December 28, 2007

Miss Picky's New Year Resolutions

1. Buy Esia!

Which it means... find a guy! Nope...there's nothing to do with Ringgo, but I promise myself and my friends that maybe I will buy Esia number when I'm already double! I don't think that I really need Esia since I don't have a boyfriend who will call me every hour hehe...

2. Find Another Job!

Not because I don't like my job...well yes I do love my current job, but still... I want to have another job or working as a part timer at a radio station! *sigh*...that's my biggest dream!

3. Learn How To Cook More Often!

Basically, I like men who can cook ("masak air" is excluded!) like Jamie Oliver , I think they're sexy! But still...I don't want to be (someday of course!) a lazy housewife I need to learn how to cook, especially cooking food with traditional spices!

4. Make People Around Me Happy!

How? By working on those things mentioned above! It explains everything right? haha...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Miss Picky and Her Saturday Night Life

Saturday is the most-wanted day (especially) for girls who work for 5 or 6 days a week, and from 9 to 7, because they only have time to go out with their beau on weekend. And usually they're worried about their looks! Secara cewek gak sih? They realize that appearance is important, so they have to struggle in deciding the cute dress, the stunning hair style, and also the fancy but not cheesy accessories. They probably will act strange in front of their bathroom's mirror, kayak ngomong sendiri, ketawa2 sendiri, bahkan foto2 nyari pose *aih pose* yang paling bagus kalau tiba2 diajak foro berdua! Hahahah...Bener gak bener gak?!?!

They will pick their pretty tops and dresses from the closet and then try every single piece of those pretty clothes, match them with the shoes and bags, until they satisfied (don't forget to imagine how messy the room after! looks like a big jumbo jet has just crashed on, or as known as : "Kayak kapal pecah!"). And some of them will do this "ritual" six hours before the man picks them up or even the night before! That's why girls need quite much time in preparing the D-Day, in order to look splendid in front of their BF on the next day!

To be honest...I am one of these girls. I always want to get the gorgeous look when I have to go with my date or my BF, so I really have to get well-prepared for it (about talking by myself in front of the mirror? Yes, I do that too). And one thing that I've learned is : never go to the hair salon on Saturday afternoon without any reservation call ,especially during the wedding season (or musim kawinan), and when it's Valentine's Day! Or else you will be late for your date and even will get a-bad-hair-night!

Those problems are not enough, there is also one crucial issue here..for me (or maybe for some people too), when I get too excited with something that I have to deal with, Insomnia will get into me all of the sudden. And If it happened, I would need an extra time to sleep in the morning or I wouldn't get on time, and the worst part is..I wouldn't get fresh and I would get tired easily! Pathetic it is!

Thankfully...when I have no boyfriend or a date to go with on Saturday night, but instead I have my cousins and friends (just like last night) to spend the (still lovely) night with, it's easier for me to choose the clothes that I want to wear, and I just have to make a ponytail, plus wearing a little make up on, and I'm ready to spend my Saturday night...happily!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Miss Picky And Her Role Model

To be a teacher was not my dream at first. Like any other little girl who loves to play Barbie and already has an idol, my dream had had to be a famous singer like Mariah Carey and as pretty as a Barbie doll! And when I was in sixth grade, my dream was still about to be a singer and still have a connection with a Barbie...but moreover, to have a good looking boyfriend...just like Ken! (since puppy- love was like a disease in sixth grade). And then...when I was in the fifth semester of my study in Binus, My dream was not about to be a singer anymore (aha! Thanked God, I became more realistic!), but I wanted to be a person who's able to share my knowledge with anyone who needed. Yes! A teacher! And it was all started because of an ordinary person but then turned out to be an extraordinary guy since he became the first winner of Australian Idol. Yep! Guy Sebastian! He taught music before, he shared his ability in singing, mostly with children and he became my role model ever since. Sigh! A good looking guy (but not as handsome as Ken though), with a good voice and a great heart!! Do I have to say more?? Geez...maybe someday I could meet him*day dreaming again*.

And yesterday was such a blessed! When it was 9 am, still on my way to work, I listened to GR (Global Radio) since I knew that they interviewed Guy Sebastian. I texted a question about whether he's still teaching music or not since he's so famous right now. And voila! At 11, when I was in the middle of music class, I got a phone call from GR who said that I was one of the lucky winners. Today, right after work, I went to GR to pick up the Guy Sebastian's Memphis album (complete with his sign HAHA!), accompanied by a good friend of mine, named Riko. By all of the long hours traffic jammed and couple of rupiahs gone (through our some tummy "disorder" haha)...yes, it's all worthed :)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Miss Picky And Her Blog Thingy

Pusing!!!!! I have about three marvelous invitations today. First : the wedding invitation of Mbak Elsa and Ditan Soediro’s wedding @ Segara Ancol, second : I got free tickets of Asian Idol, and third : a grand opening invitation of Achie’s (by her saying is) toko @ Kemang. The time is running out and I still haven’t made any decision…

So…daripada pusing tujuh keliling, I decided to turn on my lappie! Hell Yeah! Surfing the web and suddenly I found my old blog. The blog is all about my college year stories, about the love and hate relationships which was so funny to read. Came out an idea to make another new blog about my twenty-something life, and about me as a teacher in this pretty small play-school at Pondok Indah.

I choose this title (Ms. Picky is Her Name) since I'm still young, still single...and everybody believes that I am STILL picky! I couldn't blame them in having this perception, being from year to years I haven't changed my status from single to double! Conjointly, my students usually called me "Miss" instead of "Ibu" (well...there is a 2-years-old boy who called me this, and moreover he's in a speech be honest, it's kinda annoying...but oh well, he's still cute anyway).

Well after all, I'm just an ordinary girl in my 20's life, who's still having issues about my own social life, career and also my relationship with (what they called) the-mars-people. :)