Friday, February 8, 2008

Me Being Single And Picky

People who are closed to me like my family and my friends (plus my boss) had been asking me the same questions over and over again such as: "pacar sekarang siapa?" or, "masih setia sama status single lo?" or even worse, "kapan married?". Haha...yeah it's kinda the same question asked for Ringgo Agus Rahman in one of a well-known cigarette's commercial. It sometimes makes me want to shout: "enough asking me the same old question, thank you!". But what is the reason of me being single exactly?

Ok, first of all...I admit that I am picky. I have my standards in finding a PERFECT man. But people always said to me, "semua orang gak ada yang sempurna!". Oh yes I already know and surely understand about that! But all of the available men I have met are all confusing me!

Try this man named Sandro, at first he seemed to be nice, more than two years older than me, sooo mature, kind, and sweet. Overall, he was a type of a guy that every girls ever wanted for. He said that he has some serious problems with himself, and after that we're ended up for just being friends. The latest news about him, he's still single up until now!

And there was also this guy named Odrick. When the first time I saw him, I knew that he was perfect. He was such a hard worker and so damn clever (but not a bookworm of course). Oh! he was also sweet, he was so anxious to meet me again and again but then, one of his ex was such a maniac! She send me a message to stay away from him (she assumed herself was still in a relationship with him). Maybe I was the stupid one because I believed him in the first place. But if it was true, why he didn't want to stand up for me? I hate him for being such a looser if that was so! I'm not the kind of girl to complicate the past anyway. One day after, I changed his name in my contacts became "The Jerk" haha!

And the last one was this guy named Brandon. He was super nice, his face also nice, we had interest similarities in music and movies, but then after months of getting to know him, he turned out to be a drama king! I mean I have met people with such problems, but I haven't met this kind of guy who thought that his thousands of problems couldn't get solved. Moreover, he was so "GR" or very pathetically optimistic about me to him. He thought I was so into him, and I was so deeply in love with him and the worst was I wanted to make a commitment with him ASAP! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh! Imagine that! I couldn't stand with him anymore so I stopped to reply his every single SMS or to pick up his call for quite along time, until I realized that he's not mature enough so I forgave him and now we're friends.

Tired of seeing those kinds of men who are being nice at first but then turned out to be annoying at the end, this experience made me to be a pretty picky single girl. I don't want to see a man just from the outside, I've learned that not every good looking guy are good in the inside. I'm mentioning about their attitude and their ways of thinking. I prefer someone who wouldn't get every women's head turn, but someone whom I see is charming from the inside, a man who can make me laugh hard and a man who can stand by my side in good times or bad times for a long time...maybe for the rest of my life...Amien!

So I stop for dating random guys. Now I just interested in meeting new friends at first...and for the rest? I'll just go with the flow and I know I'll be saved :). Like what they said, "what ever will be, will be!".

PS: Names are changed for their own sake...hehe.

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ima said...

inget gw gak.
gw suka deh baca bloglo..
mengutarakan isi wanita..caelaa.

gasabar pengen tau gmn akhirnya nanti klo lo dah ketemu pria yg pas..

dicritaain ya di blog he