Tuesday, January 29, 2008

8 Things You Should Know About Miss Picky

1. Also known as Miss Ngemil

It is difficult for me to stop noshing! But God is indeed fair, because no matter how many food I have swallowed, I won't get fat! Don't believe me? Ask my doctor! Haha...I know you are soo jealous of me right now :p

2. Love to laugh
"There's no day without a laugh" is my trademark. People who can make me laugh will get a place in my heart, and a guy who can impress me with his jokes will give me a hard time to sleep at night!

Don't you just wondering why can I eat a lot but still never get fat? Because my calories are burned during me laughing hard!

3. I am Faithful
I'm a one-man woman. If I had someone that I care or love about, I would never find another man for quite a long time. Moreover, it won't be easy for me to just erase everything that I had before, such as my memories and even sometimes my feeling with this someone. Extra time is very needed for healing my wound in my heart and also my mind.

Have you ever been in love with someone for quite a long time but you surely know that you won't be together? I have...for more than years! So what to do next? I dunno...I'll just go with the flow because I believe that "jodoh tak lari kemana!"

4. Chocolate is not my enemy...it's my lover!
My doctor says that I'm allergic to choco. But my life will be empty without it.

Chocolate and I became best friends since I was little. I couldn't sleep if my nanny didn't give me a full bottle of choco milk. Even my aunt and my beloved grandma were always brought me a suitcase full of chocolate in many shapes after their over seas holiday trips.

And it is not a secret anymore that chocolate is women's best friend. So if you want to impress me...just send me a box of choco! I promise I will call you ASAP! haha....

5. I'm sensitive
Crying is my hobby. I'm too sensitive, so I cried a lot when hearing a sad love song or reading a dramatic novel and cried harder when watching a romantic movie. Because sometimes romantic movies made me jealous haha...

6. I'm moody
I won't go anywhere if I don't have any mood to go to. I won't go shopping even if there was a 70 percents off discount for every items at Sogo. I won't go clubbing even if a friend of mine and his/her good-looking boy friends got an open table. But I won't say no for a bar of chocolate! haha...

7. I don't mind to be alone
I don't mind to shop alone, to enjoy a cup of coffee and also tracks of jazzy music at a coffee shop alone, and even to watch a movie at XXI alone. Not because I'm ignoring people, but sometimes I'm pretty much enjoying my time when being alone. It's really not an issue for me to do those things alone.

8. Yes! I'm picky!
So many men I know, but so little time I have. That's why I should be pretty picky to choose one of them to be welcomed in my life. Like my mom ALWAYS said..."bibit bebet bobot itu penting!".

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